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Health Benefits of Eating Vegan

Have you ever thought of going Vegan? Not only does veganism have a great impact on your health, a vegan lifestyle has a huge global impact and helps shrink our environmental footprint in regards to climate change.

A vegan diet consists of fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts etc, and is proven to fuel the highest levels of fitness while at the same time, reducing the risk of various chronic diseases.  

Eating a balanced vegan diet helps you get a wide range of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats and gives your body a break from constantly trying to process unhealthy, unwanted foods. A vegan lifestyle allows for a much more enjoyable and healthier life while improving the environment.


Being healthy means that you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Taking care of your health will boost both, your self-esteem and self-image. If you don't follow a healthy vegan diet, you can be susceptible to numerous chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

Since the raw vegan diet doesn't include high cholesterol and fats, it has many health benefits that may help you avoid these diseases.

Helps In Reducing Weight:

Looking to loose weight and improve how you feel?  A vegan diet saves on your waist line!  A large number of people are turning towards vegan and plant-based diets to get rid of unwanted weight.  After switching to a plant-based diet, they report having increasing energy and just feeling better overall. 

According to one of the studies, people who are following raw vegan diets lost up to 22 to 26 pounds (ca. 12 kg) in 3. 5 years. Vegetarian recipes of your choice have a tendency to reduce your calorie intake which is why it is effective in helping with extra fat and reducing weight.

Controls Cholesterol:

By eating vegan, your are consuming a richer diet pumped with many vital nutrients.  Vegan diets provide higher levels of fiber, antioxidants and beneficial plant based nutrients, essential for your body and brain function.

Diets that contain fruits, grains, green vegetables, nuts are also associated with lower rates of heart disease. Eating animal fats and animal products will drastically increase your cholesterol level.

A vegan lifestyle can reduce your chance of getting high blood pressure by 75% It can also decrease your chance of being diagnosed with any heart related disease by 45%

Lowers The Chances Of Diabetes:

Recent research shows that a vegan diet can positively affect your sugar levels and lower your risk of diabetes. Vegans tend to have a  50%-80% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

One recent study shows that 43% of participants following a vegan diet were able to reduce their dosage of blood-sugar-lowering medication compared to only 26% in the group that followed an ADA recommended diet.

Lowers The Chances Of Cancer:

According to the World Health Organization,  most cancers can be controlled and even prevented with a healthy plant based diet.

Following a vegan diet lowers the chance of cancer by 16% as this cruelty-free lifestyle can accommodate your need to get sufficient fibers, nutrients, legumes and vitamins that safeguard you from cancer.

Abstaining from animal products drastically decreases the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancers.  Consuming smoked and processed meats cooked at high temperatures is known to promote cancer so it is important to reduce or eliminate a meat based diets completely.  

Encourages Skin Glow:

Have you ever met a vegan or vegetarian with glowing skin?  A plant-based diet contains antioxidants and vitamins that helps with skin glow and reduces skin problems. Skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis can even be prevented and treated.

A Vegan diet and plant based derivatives have multiple health benefits on top of being the morally correct choice. When choosing a vegan lifestyle, you are improving your and the earth will thank you for it!

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