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Fall Kitchen Decoration Ideas

We can’t believe it's almost Fall!  When it comes to fall decor, there is so much to think about.  But don't worry!  Making small and simple touches of autumn can really liven up your kitchen.  Here are a few autumn kitchen decor ideas.

With everything going on right now and children going back to school, it's really difficult to balance the day-to-day home and business life.  From homeschooling to work obligations, it's almost impossible to even think about decorating for the upcoming fall season!

We know we are not alone when we feel that it takes time to dream up and implement some fall decorating. Who really has time for that anyway?  Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love the fall decorating process!  But it is difficult to find the time to indulge in the process.  But...we do so love the fall!  So, we thought of a few uncomplicated ways to bring a touch of autumn to your kitchen.  Here are a few small ways to add fall decor to your kitchen.

First off, who else just loves pumpkins?  From white pumpkins and fall gourds to little jack o littles, adding a few gourds and pumpkins to your kitchen is a great start! 

A Fall Wreath

Why not top your pumkins off with a fall seasonal wreath?  We are all about maintaining a classic traditional kitchen look, but a simple, classy autumn wreath can do wonders for your kitchen.  Allow your fall wreath to be the new focal point of your home.  You can center it above your kitchen sink or place it on a kitchen accent wall.  

We recommend picking a wreath with warm yellow or orangey colors.  You can also add kitchen rugs, table mats and kitchen tea towels to help go with your fall kitchen decor.  These small autumn touches work together to make a huge impact to your kitchen.  It also brings a more dramatic autumn look to your home.

Fall Scented Candle

The smell of your home can not only create a warmer welcome for guests, it can also trigger memories of previous holidays and family gatherings.  Adding a nice pumpkin spice or cinnamon candle in your kitchen can instantly make your home feel and smell more like fall.  

You can also add a jar filled with autumn leaves and place it next to your scented fall candle.  Just make sure to keep your leaves in a container separate from your candle to avoid a fire hazard.  

Sprinkle of Fall Foliage

If you are in a geographic location with many trees and plants, you can really take advantage of bringing a bit of autumn into your home with fall foliage.  If you live in an environment where trees are not prominent, it is faux fall foliage for you!  Whether you are using faux or real fall foliage, a branch of autumn leaves or berries adds a nice touch of the harvest season to any space.

One simple idea is to add some cuts of autumn tree branches to a flower vase.  Place the vase next to your kitchen sink or anywhere in your home to add an instant fall pop!  You can find more ideas on fall foliage decor at Better Homes and Gardens

Nice Cup of Tea With Your Favorite Tea Towel

Some of us are regular coffee and tea drinkers year-round.  Fall is a great time to celebrate those delicious warm drinks!  You can add more of a fall feeling to your home by adding a coffee or tea station in your kitchen next to your Tea Towels.  Your coffee and tea station can be a welcoming treat for unexpected guests.

Seasonal Produce in Your Kitchen

Adding an array of colorful fresh autumn produce is a great way to warm up your kitchen.  From green autumn vegetables to apples, carrots and corn.  Just place your produce in a fall kitchen centerpiece and voila!

In conclusion, we do not think decorating for fall needs to be that complicated, expensive or time consuming.  Make these little changes to your kitchen this fall, and you will thank us for it.

Wishing you all a warm and safe autumn season!


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