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5 Great Ways To Personalize Your Kitchen

For many of us, our kitchen is the center of our home.  From entertaining guests and loved ones to creative cooking, your kitchen is where you will spend hours of quality time.  

Overall, many kitchens tend to look the same.  Why not personalize your kitchen and make it your own?  Your unique kitchen decor and customization will be easily noticed and appreciated by guests.  If you are not sure of where to start, here are 5 Great Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen.


1. Pick A Theme for your Kitchen

First, it is important to plan out the theme or look you are going for.  This will give you a sense of what to look for when shopping for kitchen decor and kitchen accessories.

Here are some of the most popular Kitchen Themes for you to consider:

  1. Tranquil Kitchen. A tranquil kitchen color scheme and décor is perfect for almost any home and kitchen, especially those that are smaller
  2. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
  3. Coastal Kitchen
  4. Minimalist Kitchen
  5. Contemporary Kitchen
  6. Rustic Kitchen
  7. Industrial Kitchen
  8. Tuscan Kitchen


2.  Liven Your Kitchen Up With Some Color

A full kitchen remodel can come with a hefty price tag.  Instead of remodeling your entire kitchen, why not brighten it up with some new color!

Some ways you can add more color to you kitchen are:

Fresh paint or decals - From fresh paint to a fun decal, you can easily make a wall the centerpiece of your kitchen with a quick design and color of your choice.
Use Open Shelving - This allows you to display colorful kitchen accessories, plates and bowls which brightens up your kitchen. 
Add a Bold Window Treatment - Decorate your kitchen window with colorful curtains of your choice and match your kitchen accessories with the same color. 
Brighten up your cabinet background - Paint the inside of your open cabinets for a quick brightening effect.   
Add Color to your Floor - Add a colorful rug or mat on your kitchen floor.  
Add Tea Towels - Tea Towels matching your colors or theme can make a huge change to your kitchen. 
Add Pictures in your kitchen - Frame pictures can make a fun addition to your kitchen like our Fruit Kitchen Art Set


3. Decorate Your Kitchen Island 

Your kitchen island is the center of your kitchen.  This space gives your family a spot to socialize and entertain.  Spice it up with some fun dishes filled with exotic and colorful fruit or a colorful bouquet of flowers!  This will bring color and class to your kitchen.


4.  Cupboard and cabinets 

Your Cabinets and Kitchen cupboards don't have to be boring.  Are you tired of staring at the same kitchen cabinets or thinking about replacing them completely?  Sometimes some fresh paint will do wonders!

If you have wooden cabinets, these are the best option to paint and the options are limitless.  Go to Home Depot or Lowes and pick your favorite color.  They will also allow you to have a small sample that you can take home and test out.

Start by scuffing up your cabinets with sandpaper so that the paint adheres.  Keep in mind that if the wood has a glossy finish, it will need to be de-glossed first with a liquid sander.

After your cabinet's are painted and complete, time to shop for some color matched kitchen accessories.


5.  Add A Conversation Piece

Your Kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in your home and should be consistent with your living and dining rooms.  Adding a center conversation piece will bring color and consistency to your kitchen.

Some great ideas for a conversation piece are:

  • Beautiful bouquet of flowers
  • Unique piece of kitchen art
  • Exotic bowl of fruit
  • Iconic kitchen statue or figure
  • Table Runner or Placemats


Lastly, kitchen styles and trends change constantly.  This means that you don't need to change your entire kitchen completely and spend thousands of dollars on a complete remodel!  

If you like a certain style or trend, start by making small changes in your kitchen by using the techniques in this article.  These slight changes can add a drastic change to the look of your home.  

For more great kitchen decor ideas, check out HGTV.  You can find pictures and videos of the most recent kitchen trends and styles including modern and traditional.  

We hope you found these tips helpful!  Thanks for reading our blog =)


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